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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

  • Classing treatment for skin with impurities and for acne prone skin
  • Treatment to remove impurities such as dead skin cells and blackheads. Suitable for also very young skin


Purifying and Re Balancing

Deep cleansing treatment that smoothes and improves the appearance of skin texture.
It purifies the skin leaving a matte effect.


Deep moisturizing treatment

Deep moisturizing treatment for the face, neck and décolletè.
It restores moisture balance giving brightness and tone to the skin.


Multivitamin Nutrient Treatment

Facial treatment rich in vitamins and antioxidants that deeply repairs by regenerating and nourishing the skin, even the most delicate skin.


Treatment for sensitive skin

Moisturising treatment for sensitive skin prone too overall or localised redness.


Anti-Aging protection treatment

Smoothes, brightens and evens the complexion. It stimulates epidermal cell renewal and improves the appearance of wrinkles.


Lifting and plumping skin treatment

Treatment that provides a redefining appearance to the face. It improves the appearance of wrinkles by making them less visible.


Organic Anti-Aging Treatment

Biological anti-aging treatment that is nourishing and protective, using organically grown products.


Eye and lip treatment

Soothing eye and moisturising lip treatment.

Body Treatments

Exfoliating Treatment

Exfoliation and renewing treatment for soft, smooth and luminous skin, thanks to the use of essential oils.


Nutrient and Moisturising treatment for supple skin

Treatment that works on the loss of tone and elasticity by promoting an effective firming, nourishing and anti-aging action.


Reducing and draining treatment

Treatment that reactivates the circulation that result in the reduction of fluid retention.


Body Wraps

The vasoconstrictive action due to the substances contained in the wraps that promote the blood vessels to eliminate excess fluid.


Toning Wraps

Cryogenic action due to the substances contained in the wraps, toning effect, long lasting invigorated sensation.


Treatment for mothers to be

Treatments exclusively dedicated to pregnant women. It relieves tired and fatigued legs.


  • Relaxing back massage (25 minutes)
    Massagin using essential oils that helps the muscles achieve total relaxation
  • Relaxing antistress massage (60 minutes)
    A total body massage that is extremely relaxing
  • Express relaxing massage (30 minutes)
    Total body treatment
  • Body and soul wellness ritual (50 minutes)
    Ritual treatment using essential oils that creates an overall restored sense of weel-being
  • Salt massage (Massage using Himalayan salt – 75 minutes)
    Bosy ritual using Himalayan salt that has a puriyfing and revitalising action
  • Hot stone ritual (Massage using hot stones – 60/75 minutes)
    Sooting and sensory that is detoxifying, relaxing and eliminates fluid retention, thanks to the use of heated basalt stones and essential oils

Beauty Details

  • Beauty Manicure
  • Manicure + Regenerating hand Mask
  • Beauty Pedicure
  • Curative Pedicure
  • Semipermanent nails for hands/ Feet
  • Gel Nails
  • Reconstuction + Gel Nails


  • Make Up
  • Bride Make Up


  • Complete Epilation
  • Partial Epilation (Lower Leg)
  • Arm Epilation
  • Bikini Line Epilation
  • Underarm Epilation
  • Upper Lip & Eyebrow epilation